Nail Services

Salon 206 is a full nail service salon. We offer Pink and White Acrylics, Natural Acrylics, Gel Polish Manicures, Gel Nails, Dip System, Spa Pedicures, Natural Nail Manicures, and Nail Design.

Gel Polish:

nail servicesService is a mini manicure which includes removing previous polish lacquer or shellac, shaping and filing nails, cleaning up cuticles. Applying 1 layer of primer and base coat, 2 coats of color followed by 2 coats of top coat. Between each coat, each hand goes under an LED light for 30 seconds.

There are many benefits of gel polish. So many colors to choose from with lacquer colors to match for pedicures. Polish is extremely shiny which lasts 2 weeks or longer. Biggest benefit is no waiting for polish to dry, it is completely dry to the touch immediately after service, no smudging!! $30-$40


Contact Amy, Grace, Natasha, Madalyn or Carlie for Gel
Downtown Defiance (419)-782-4600

Sculptured Pink and White Acrylic Nails:

We create a sophisticated french look using two tones of acrylic. We choose customized colored acrylic powders to compliment your skin tone. For that natural nail look. Choice of soft or vivid white acrylic for French free-edge. Full Set $40-$48 Balance $25-$35

Contact Amy, Grace or Natasha for Acrylic
Downtown Defiance (419)-782-4600

nail servicesNatural Acrylic Nails:

The perfect solution to nails that have sufficient length but require some additional strength. A thin, naturally colored flexible acrylic overlay is brushed over the entire nail. Nails are buffed, shaped to perfection and polished with your favorite lacquer. Full Set $40-$48 Balance $25-$35

Contact Amy, Grace or Natasha for Acrylic
Downtown Defiance (419)-782-4600

Spa Pedicure:
When time is of the essence, we can help you relax your tired feet with a luxurious soak in a wonderfully warm spa. Plus, a gently exfoliating of your feet and lower legs. Followed with a soothing foot and lower legs massage. Includes nail shaping and filing, cuticle maintenance, and calluses are carefully taken care of. Finishing up with a massage and a nail polish of your choice.

Contact Grace, Natasha, Madalyn, Carlie or LeAndra for Pedicure
Downtown Defiance (419)-782-4600